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Who We Are

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We are Michael and Rachel Klenk of Meriden, Kansas.

    Together with our 8 children, we would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you; the loyal, long-time customers, and friends of Jackson’s Greenhouse. 

    Long before we became owners, we were also patrons who felt the unique calm, comfort, and camaraderie in a visit to Jackson’s.  When Dave and Annette shared their business opportunity with us, we felt that with our backgrounds, our focus on family, and our vision to build a future and grow a legacy, that we would be well suited to continue what they lovingly built and so did they.

    Michael’s history is vast and varied from soil sampling and family farming to serving as a Deputy Sheriff and SWAT sniper.  He has a love of old things and possesses a natural gift in service to people.

Rachel is a Family Nurse Practitioner and owns WHOLEhealth Direct Primary Care and is thrilled to have a place to implement her floral design background and dusty Agricultural degree-EMAW!  She grew up gardening perennials with her father and vegetables with her grandfather.

    Our family is very active in Jefferson County 4-H, from sewing to livestock to woodworking and horses.  We enjoy traveling when we can (short-bus included) and love to learn new things!

    As Dave always said, this business is about “loving people and loving plants!”  and we sure do love both.  The Jackson’s Greenhouse staff you know and love, the homegrown and raised products and the intention behind the business all remain. We hope that you will continue to trust us with your friendship and support in the days and years to come! 

Here’s to growing with and for YOU!

Meet the "Jacksons"

At Jackson's Greenhouse, it's the people that make us successful.  Without their experience, knowledge, love of plants and people, we would be just like all the rest. 

Come meet the folks that make us the BEST!

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